606213 ECRAS 220
3Ø Multimeter

General Seven Segment Display
  Password Protection
  Current Transformer Ratio 1 - 5000
  Voltage Transformer Ratio 1 - 5000
  Demand Period 1-60 min. adjustable
  Connection Type 3F4T, 3F3T
  Measurements in Quadrants 4
  Number of Measurements in a Period 256
  LCD/Display Refresh Period 1 sec.
  Networks TT, TN, IT
  Min./Max./Demand Values
Energy Measurement Number of Tariffs 1
  1Ø Phase Energy Meters
  3Ø Phase Energy Meters
Current Measurement Input Measurement Range 10mA - 6A AC
  Overvoltage Category 300 V Cat II
  Measurement Surge Voltage 2 kV
  Power Consumption <0.2 VA
  Intermittent Overload 100 A for 1 sec.
  Sampling Frequency between 45-65 Hz 12.8 kHz
Voltage Measurement Input Overvoltage Category 300 V Cat III
  Measured Range L-N 1-300 Vrms
  Measured Range L-L 2-500 Vrms
  Measured Frequency Range 45-65 Hz
  Power Consumption <0.1 VA
  Sampling Frequency between 45-65 Hz 12.8 kHz
Power Quality Measurements Harmonics for Current and Voltage Phases Up to 31st
  THD - Voltage in %
  THD - Current in %
Other Measurements Run Hour (Operating Time for Load in Hours)
  On Hour (Operating Time for Meter in Hours)
  Int Counter (Number of Power Interruptions)
Measurement Accuracy According to IEC 61557-12 Total Active Power Class 0.5
    Total Reactive Power Class 1
    Total Apparent Power Class 0.5
    Total Active Energy Class 0.5
    Total Reactive Energy Class 2
    Frequency Class 0.1
    Current Class 0.5
    Neutral Current Class 0.5
    Voltage Class 0.2
    Power Factor Class 0.5
    THDV, THDI Class 1
  According to IEC 62053-22 Total Active Energy Class 0.5S
  According to IEC 62053-23 Total Reactive Energy Class 2
Inputs and Outputs Alarm Relay Outputs Number of Outputs 2
    Type NO (SPST)
    Max. Switching Current 10 A
    Max. Switching Voltage 250 VAC
    Max. Switching Power 1250 VA
Supply Voltage AC 85-300V
    DC 85-300V
  Consumption AC <6VA
    DC <3W
Supply Frequency 45-65Hz
Data Logging with timestamp Min./Max./Avg. Values Hourly Records
    Daily Records
    Monthly Records
Data Logging with timestamp Demand
Communication Protocol Modbus RTU
  Baud Rate 1200-57600 bps adjustable
  Parity Number Odd, Even, None
  Stop Bit 1
  Address 1-247
  Isolation 2750V RMS
Mechanical Properties Weight (g) 316 g
  Protection Class Front IP40 / Rear IP20
  Mounting Type Panel Mount
Cable Cross Sections Supply, Voltage, Current, Relay Outputs Stranded: 2.5mm² - 14AWG
    Solid: 4mm² - 12AWG, 2x1.5mm² - 2x16AWG
  Digital I/O, RS 485, Analog Output Stranded: 1.5mm² - 16AWG
    Solid: 1.5mm² - 16AWG, 2x0.75mm² - 2x18AWG
Ambient Conditions Operating Temperature -20°C +70°C
  Storing Temperature -30°C +80°C
  Relative Humidity (No Condensation) Max. 95%
EMC-EMI 300 VAC CAT II according to IEC 61010-1
  EN 55011/A1:2010, EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3, EN 61000-4-4, EN 61000-4-5, EN 61000-4-6, EN 61000-4-8, EN61000-4-11
Schematics Network Connections
  Digital I/O and Alarm Output Connections
  3 wires with 3CTs
  4 wires with 3CTs
  3 wires with 2CTsNOTE: CTs can be connected any phase. They are connected to phase 1 and phase 3 in this figure.
  Single Phase with 1CTNORE: CT and VT can be connected any phase. They are connected to phase 1 in this figure.
  Digital Output Connection
  Digital Input Connection
  Alarm Output Connection
  Analog Output Connection

TSE Certificate
CE Certificate
Ukrayna Uygunluk Sertifikası
Ecras Software [exe]
ECRAS User Guide [pdf]
606213 3Ø Multimeter