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Terminal blocks are components and systems the main function of which is to ensure safe and secure electrical and mechanical conductor connections. The term covers all conceivable types, designs and forms of connection. From the point of view of application, the most important group of terminals is that of rail mounted modular terminal blocks.

- The current carrying bar must be made of metals which reduce electrical losses to minimum.

- Insulation material must be nonflammable and self extinguishing.

- The screw must not be loosed due to vibration.

- The current carrying bar must have such a form that the conductor has a strong contact area in the connection point.

The terminal block series should have a complete range together with all the accessories to provide the best solutions in a minimum area.

Modular Terminal Blocks:

Modular terminal blocks are used worldwide. Whether they be in distribution boards, control centers or machine control systems, in ships, power stations or railway rolling stock, Klemsan terminals guarantee safe connections in all low voltage installations. In view of this versatile and worldwide application, the materials used and the technical data achieved meet the highest quality standard. Approvals have been obtained from all major industrial countries.

Rated Cross-Section:

The rated cross-section of a terminal block is a value of conductor cross-section which is indicated by the manufacturer and covered by the thermal, mechanical and electrical requirements.

Rated Current:

The rated current of a terminal block is a current value which is indicated by the manufacturer and covered the thermal, mechanical and electrical requirements on using the rated cross-section.

The Rated Voltage:

The rated voltage of a terminal block is a voltage value which is stated by the manufacturer according to creepage and clearance distances and which does not allow any deformation on product.

Nominal Dimensions:

Nominal dimensions are the overall dimensions of the terminal block with fixings, but without tolerances. To the specified terminal with a tolerance of +0.2 mm. must be allowed during design when mounting in rows.

Insulation Stripping Lenght:

The required stripping length for every Klemsan product is stated in mm. These lengths must be observed.

End Plate:

The last terminal in a rail mounted assembly must be closed with an end plate. The end plate is held in position by the end bracket.


The partition is required for the visual separation of circuits or for electrical separation in case of adjacent cross connections.

Small Partition:

Small partitions can be inserted after assembly into terminal blocks of up to a max. thickness of 10 mm. between cross connections and test sockets.

This is the most popular of all known methods of connection. Screw connection refers to any connection in which the conductor is stripped of its insulation and clamped without any special preparation. Klemsan screw clamp system is built in protection against loosening.
The stainless steel spring presses the conductor directly againts the current bar. Due to the special construction of the clamping body, the contact force is further increased when pulling the conductor.

Cable is connected to the terminal just by pushing-in, without the need to use a screwdriver. PYK is suitable for applications with or without end-sleeves. All you need to do is to push the cable into the cable hole to make the connection. If needed, cable can be released easily by using a screwdriver.